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tv   The 11th Hour  MSNBC  January 25, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight's last word. the 11th hour starts now. >> good evening, amid the us on. day 371 of the biden administration. and we begin with the first public words of the heroes to emerge from what was an otherwise horrific and tragic day in washington. capitol police officer eugene goodman was awarded with congressional gold medal last year for the single handedly leading insurrectionists away from the senate chamber. he personally escorted senator mitt romney to safety, i may have been responsible for saving the vice president's life. today for the first time, goodman broke his silence talking about the danger he faced down that day and how he may have dodged a, quote, bloodbath at the capitol. this is just part of his hiring count. >> you see me come up the stairs and you see me look, before i had gone down the stairs, people were actually
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out there standing around and i told them i think they're downstairs. so when i went down there and, i get confronted, i think, oh they're actually in the building. i deny honestly didn't know they were that far in the building. they locked arms on me right away and see [inaudible] it was not a matter of leaving them alone. i think they would've followed me anyway. i've heard of stories of people being armed. i don't know for fact. i heard that they were actually officers that were a part of this ride group who were emailing them and, they themselves -- you just never know. it could've went -- it could've easily been a bloodbath. so kudos to everybody who showed a measure of restraint in regards to deadly force because they could've been bad.
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really bad. >> yeah. >> officer goodman returned to work after the riot. he remains a u.s. capitol police officer. the slow drip of new information coming from investigations into that riot continue today. once significant development concerns the investigation into fake electoral college certificates which tonight appears to be entering a new stage. the department of justice has confirmed to cnn that federal prosecutors are looking into efforts by trump allies to forge significance that claim donald trump won several states that joe biden in fact did win. >> in terms of fraudulent elector certifications has been reported. we've received those refers, our prosecutors are looking at those and i can't say anything more on ongoing investigations. >> no what's she said there, investigations, plural. and on the heels of the news that a former trump attorney bill barr has been
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collaborating with the 16 committee, far-right conspiracy theorists alex jones, you remember him, the guy who tormented parents and once hosted on trump on his in for war shows, he also confirms that he met with lawmakers on the committee. it remains to be seen how much information, if any, they were able to collect. >> my lawyer told me almost 100 times today during the invite interrogation, on advice of my counsel i am asserting my fifth amendment right to remain silent. fifth and the media tells you that's because you're guilty, or because you're going to incriminate yourself but it's also just because it can be used to try to incriminate you and twist something against you. >> jones denied any knowledge of planned violence that day and denied using the extremist proud boys and oath keepers as personal security. meanwhile, tenth of those oath keepers, including the leader, stood roads, had pleads of not guilty to charges of seditious conspiracy. they are say facing the most
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serious charges to come out of the generous six attack so far. on the foreign policy front, their fears of war between russia and ukraine remain alive tonight. the washington post tonight reporting the united states and russia traded provocations on tuesday with moscow conducting a wave of military exercises involving warplanes, naval ships, and ballistic missiles, and washington delivering a fresh shipment of weapons to ukraine. they're on their 80 500,000 troops standing in the region. and putin is -- enforcing the seriousness of the stakes. >> there is no reason for anyone, any member of nato that -- there would be enormous consequences if he were to go in and invade as he could an entire country or a lot less than that as well for russia not only in terms of economic
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consequences and political consequences. but enormous consequences worldwide. this would be the largest invasions since world war ii. it would change the world. >> with that, let's bring our lead off for guest, eugene white, jackie will merely political reporter for the washington post and, and jeremy bash, former chief of staff at the cia and the pentagon. thank you all for joining me tonight. jackie, let me start with you. it's not usually a -- but does it tell us that the doj is investigating efforts to overturn the election before 16 and how is significant is this issue of these ultimate electors? >> that's exactly right. the justice department has actually commented on repress from democrats, lawmakers, state officials, and the committee investigating the january six in selection to
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investigate the origins of these fake certifications. we know that it has been a focus in recent weeks and days and fighting out the original of these slides that were forged and submitted according to people familiar with the panels activities. but i think that this is significant step forward for a few reasons. one, in that i think it's a sign from the doj that they are hearing some of the complaints and some of the rumbling about the lack of action and activity from democrats. worried that there might not be enough criminal consequences for these actions to overturn the elections in the election. and there is actually new information being found throughout this investigation and that these two concurrent investigations are being productive and what they are finding so far in terms of the purpose of their state admission. >> eugene, alex jones went to
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the committee and claimed the fifth 100 times. then he went on his show and ran his mouth. i wonder as we cover all of this craziness, is there any better reminder of the power of unchecked misinformation that his behavior and the lies he pushed before, during, and since january 6th? it's an interesting challenge to confront, isn't it? >> it is, and the thing that's really interesting is alex jones, as you are alluding to hear, he is, as you look at political, not reporting, but political conversation, one of the people who has been pushing this information the longest without being checked as all of this comes to ahead with more investigations and really being clear to people that you can do these kinds of things without some kind of ramifications. i was being brought in and talking to congressional investigators and members of congress. that is exactly what we are seeing. he said that he pleaded the
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fifth 100 times. but does that mean that he pled the fifth every single time? he also said there were dog ahead in their questioning. which for most of us who want to get to the bottom of this is good news. this is one of those things that people like alex jones do, they go behind closed doors and have whatever kinds of conversations they have with investigators and then they come out and kind of try to clear up and say -- don't worry, i didn't tell them anything. so we won't know for a very long time whether or not he did. and as my colleagues who have reported on this happening -- it's possible that he told them that because -- this is someone, as you, said it's someone who is operating in talking to for months and years some of these right-wing extremist groups. that is something that this committee has been looking into because all of these things seem very interconnected.
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>> i love how he says in that clip we played that if you pled the fifth, the media says you are lying. the media doesn't say that. donald trump famously said that in 2016. he said that about the democrats, you're like i'm a boss if you plead the fifth. jeremy, he denied any ties to the oath keepers on the show. the oath keepers pleaded not guilty to seditious conspiracy. i cannot think of another western democracy in which armed militias have such a visible and public presence and such a sway over mainstream white wing politics in america. things have gotten out of hand on that particular front? >> everybody's got to read that criminal indictment against the oath keepers that the justice department and prosecutors rolled out the week before last. because when you look at that, you see the military style tactics, techniques, and procedures that those who staged an armed attack was
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employed. there was stuck one, one formation of individuals who are trained, and they were information to attack part of the capital. they were stuck to, they had military gear. they had encrypted communications. they were communicating in military lingo and in military style. this was not just a riot that had gotten at a hand. this was a planned premeditated armed attack on a federal facility to stop democracy from occurring. and i think that indictment shows just how serious these charges are. just how serious the january six committee is and should be taking this matter. >> but jimmy, how concerned are you as someone who has worked at the cia, about the growth of these militias, the growth of their members, the hardening of their ideology in recent years? >> very concerned. i think domestic terrorism is the most significant and consequential threat our country faces today.
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and you've heard that not just from people inside the biden administration but you have heard that from the leadership of the fbi. when you look at the organization planning, training, communications, and propaganda of these militias, of these armed organizations, it shows you that they are threats, not only to citizens, but in fact to our democracy. there is going to have to be a very significant whole of government, whole of nation effort to get out this activity. because of course, acting on u.s. soil, they have certain first amendment protections. but they cannot be used or justified violence, certainly not against members of congress, sent only not against our democratic institutions. >> of course, don't forget, even ted cruz called one sex a domestic attack. we have the threat of war in europe, let's talk about the russia ukraine problem.
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what is the thinking in the white house there? >> i think what you are seeing right now is president biden ramping up more aggressive posture after criticisms that he had been passive and weak on the issue. we also saw president biden today threatening to wrap sanctions on putin, not necessarily an unprecedented move but a rare one. some of the other players in our recent history who have faced sanctions, including people like nicholas maduro, syria's bashar al-assad, so this statement was welcomed by republicans who have been critical of the president. i think with the white house is trying to show at this moment in time in the lead up to russia having several meetings with our allies in europe for the rest of the week is a show of strength from biden here especially as some of the recent public polling has shown the american public being
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concerned with his waffling or being too much of a compromise or. >> eugene, we had this from the senate minority on ukraine today. have a listen. >> once the russians we have grabbed a piece of ukraine, or try to throw for the entire government, it's really too late. so, my advice to the president and his team from the very beginning was, let's do the following things and do them now. but it appears to me the administration wasn't going in the right direction. >> republican and democrats don't seem to agree on anything but they do agree on ukraine standing up to russia. but then again, it can census on war and peace in d.c. isn't always a good thing. remember iraq. do we need a bit more political debate, more open discussion, on the right way fort? >> i think so. one thing that president biden has said and has been made very clear is that he is not
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interested in putting in u.s. troops and putting inside of ukraine. that is something that he has said, that's kind of a red line. he said that's off the table. even as a staff has continued to have all these conversations about what is on the table, that's continued to stay off based on all the reporting that we have done at politico. but i will say, and jackie is right, the posture has changed, and folks wanted to see that, and mourn pointedly, allies wanted to see that, they wanted to see the american president possibly talk more about what's happening in ukraine and the actions that may happen. but european allies said to the administration, to each other, that we have to make sure that we do something to prevent anything. it's not just about adding u.s. troops around the ukraine area, or countries around ukraine, so that is seemingly what is going to happen some of the 85 troops
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that are on alert that will be able to move in the next few days if needed. so there's a lot happening in that. but this administration has been very clear, they don't want more. and one thing that we don't know is what vladimir putin is thinking and what he wants out of this. and that is the one thing that seems to befuddle all of us. se>> that is a very big questio, yes. >> jeremy, on the escalating tension between russia and ukraine, the washington post has this out today. as the kremlin and the west square off -- actually, it's the new york times -- ukrainian officials are projecting an air of calm. already, this week, ukraine's defense minister has asserted there has been no change, in comparison with the buildup in the spring. the head of the national security council accused some western countries and news outlets of overstating the danger for geopolitical purposes and a foreign ministry spokesperson took a swipe at the united states and britain
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for pulling the families of diplomats from their embassies in kyiv. i wonder, the head of the ukrainian national security council, he is saying that some of us in the west are overstating the threat of war. should we take that seriously? shouldn't we take that seriously? if they are calmer than we are? >> well, you would expect them to project an air of calm but you had better believe it that they are on the highest alert. and the fact is that russia has all of its forces a raid on that border, with belarus. and there is a very imminent threat. and i think we are now in the window where russian forces can move across the border. of course, in private conversations they have no doubt been beseeching nato allies and the united states to send more additional javelin anti tank weapons, to send more assistance. that's where the biden administration has done. we can see that move by russian troops at any moment. >> we will have to leave it there and we will be following that story.
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jeremy bash, eugene daniels and jacquieline alemany, thank you for your time. coming up, another day, another chance to see exactly what today's republican party is all about. two seasoned political observers will be joining me to talk about the persistence influence of the former guy. and fact-checks and dangerously misleading covid arguments coming in hard from the right. more, the 11th hour, coming up next. our, coming up next big boi waterfall shower! big boi crawl space. big boi sold sign, big boi logo. to each their home.
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not, when hillbilly elegy author j.d. vance, wasn't a fan
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of donald trump. from politico, quote, vance has come under fire for deleting tweets from 2016, including one in which he said he was voting for evan mcmullin, and another calling trump reprehensible. but now he is running for the senate in ohio. not only is he as shamelessly pro trump as you can get. but today he received and welcomed unendorsed meant from far-right republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. green has of course promoted basis qanon conspiracy theories and was recently suspended from twitter permanently for violating their misinformation policy. in a statement to msnbc, she said, if you agree with me that washington desperately needs more american fighters in the mold of president trump, it's vital support j.d.'s campaign in ohio. yeah. with us tonight, david plouffe, former senior adviser to the president and bill kristol, author and think, are a veteran of the reagan and bush administrations and editor at large of the bulwark.
8:22 pm
j.d. vance has shamelessly accepted the endorsement of marjorie taylor greene, this woman with a history of antisemitic and homophobic comments, but given the state of the gop base, this helps him, right? >> he is being attacked in ohio. i was on some panels with him in 2016. it would be terrible for the country and terrible for the country and terrible for the things that j.d. vance has written pretty eloquently about and spoken about, in terms of really genuine opportunities for people who have had a tough time and the last ten or 20 or 30 years, as opposed to demagoguery and exploitation of grievances. they are being used against him and he has to show that he is not just for trump but really willing to embrace the spirit of trump. what was striking, mehdi, i
8:23 pm
thought, about the endorsement, was the way he accepted it. we are going to win, he tweeted, and i don't know if we can say this word -- we are going to take this country back from -- he says a very vulgar word then. it's almost as if he has to prove and get down to the gutter to prove that you are with him. especially if you went to yale law school and were once skeptical of trump. >> indeed, getting in the gutter is what j.d. vance has been doing in recent months. -- mcconnell is staying focused on trying to regain a senate majority for the republicans. have a listen. >> mitch mcconnell is a disaster. the republicans have to get a new leader. >> i'm going to be running again for leader later this year. >> mitch mcconnell is a loser. >> in the course of the campaign, various republican candidates will come out for what they will do and what they are for. it's an important part of every
8:24 pm
election. but make no mistake. the election this fall is a referendum on this all democratic government. >> david, i am trying to imagine a barack obama harry reid dynamic ahead of the 2010 midterms. i cannot get my head around it. but could this dynamic hurt republicans in november and can the games capitalize on this seeming split between donald and mitch? >> it should, mehdi and i am interested to hear bill's take on this. it's like, hey pal, you are going to have historic numbers of people voting by mail, including some of your folks. so let's fast forward into september and october as people begin to vote, especially towards election day. republicans are going to need a lot of voters who might have just shown up for the first time with trump, reliable voters. the message they are hearing is, why would you show up to help
8:25 pm
give mitch mcconnell the senate? he is a traitor. trump has also taken any number of barbs at mccarthy. marjorie taylor greene is not going to support mccarthy. the question is, would get guns with that? there are some republicans running smart groups that may make sure they make a get in front effort with ads. but you need the support of a lot of unreliable voters. on the other hand, trump is giving the message of, almost like, why bother? that's not going to be ten or 20 points. but in races that get decided by a point or two, that could matter. >> we know what happened in georgia in the runoffs, right? he and his acolyte basically saying, don't bother voting until everyone falls behind me. glenn youngkin, the virginia governor's race, on that race, he on the one hand distance himself to trump. trump did not come to virginia. he also leaned into race
8:26 pm
baiting, like the fake critical race theory row. newsweek is reporting a popular tiktok or has called on people to overwhelm a tip line launched by virginia governor glenn youngkin's office for parents to report teachers for the teaching of divisive subjects. i wonder, is that the way to fight back? i know you have done some events with him. terry mcauliffe, the democratic opponent of youngkin, he failed to find a way to neutralize the fearmongering over critical race theory. and now it's being said, this is a great way for us to replicate this across the country. >> -- they will try to be respectable mitch mcconnell types. you know, we are going to cut taxes and we don't really believe all that stuff. speaking to upscale republican suburban voters, they can be trumpy in the places where there is huge support for trump. and they can pull that off
8:27 pm
pretty successfully in west virginia. it wasn't a federal race, it was a stage race. it is hard to do when you are in office. but a bunch of republican challengers can do that from one group to another group. and it depends. terry mcauliffe may not have done a good as job as he could have, in bringing the dangers home of youngkin. can democrats bring home the dangers of a mitch mcconnell leaving the senate? with a kevin mccarthy lighthouse? can they bring home to people how this is going to empower the marjorie taylor greene types of the world and the j.d. advances of the world's? and i'm really not that crazy about the biden administration, they may be saying, let's put the republicans in there for a couple of years. that's a challenge for the democrats. >> i mean, the fact that youngkin has set up a stitch line in these first few weeks, that should be an open go for the democrats. david and bill are staying with us. coming up, a top house democrat is confident about the future
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build back better, where there will be a number of ceos here, that will be part of the day tomorrow. >> the white house said today that the white house will meet with executives of ten major
8:32 pm
companies tomorrow to discuss his economic agenda. it comes as house majority leader stephanie halle said, quote, i'm of the belief that build back better will pass, it will be changed but that's the legislative process. we're still a david plouffe and bill crystal. what is he talking about? how much of build back better can carve out before it's no longer build back better? and how do you still get it passed, even broken up, how are you gonna pass joe manchin and kristen sinema? >> the truth is manchin supports a lot of the elements a lot. he even said that most of the climate regulations and spending should be in their. maybe you're gonna have a slightly few programs, maybe more of the president -- i think you can get a good portion of the original bill. you have to basically be okay, manchin, what are you waiting for? and he's waiting for 75 80% of what he was in -- get a pass, and then go out and
8:33 pm
prosecute -- what you've done, the covid relief bill, infrastructure, the very popular elements, being pro democracy, being pro science. and put the republicans back on center stage. because the democrats have basically been under the spotlight. and so it's been an entirely referendum there in washington anyway, you have to turn this into a choice. so the sooner that can happen -- but the components are there. manchin supports a lot of this. and there enough to be okay with that. we can be frustrated by it. but it's, what are you for? and there are 40 other votes in the senate, there is joe biden's signature, a few more votes. and then's law. >> it's not so easy. i hope it how infants that way. bill, the new york times published a piece today saying democrats have to scale back their emissions, quote, democrats must recognize that politics is the art of the possible, and democratic responsibility demands that we do not sacrifice but is
8:34 pm
valuable and possible on the altar of wood is unattainable. it sounds lovely and pragmatic, but i feel like a misses what happened over the past 12 months. the democrats dropped the for the people act, they drop build back better from 3.5 trillion to 1.75 trillion, it didn't pass. the obstructionism on the right, especially, is absolutely right now, is not? >> i think they have to do a better job being more imaginative in a way and forcing tougher votes for republicans. they didn't highlight certain aspects of the bills that would be harder for republicans to oppose. so i think that the democrats could've played -- they could've done better. the administration could've done somewhat better. but i also agree that, i mean, at the end of the day, you have to bring home to people the republican structures. and i think david just said that was very important. it has to be choice, not just a referendum. people electing your president, they had a sigh of relief perhaps, high hopes.
8:35 pm
you have to, if you have a chance, if you can in the mid term, not let people have a sense of free vote or free opportunity not to vote if you're a democrat that came out in 2018 and, jeez, it's not quite working as well as i hope. you have to get people alarmed, honestly. you have to run until people, if the republicans control the senate, biden will never get another judge to confirm -- or supreme court certainly. if you are okay with having a more conservative supreme court, even then today, give the republicans the senate. it will be in play. and so forth. in the house, if you're fine with having -- stopping the investigation of everything that happen, and give kevin mccarthy the house and let's have walter taylor greene, and gosar, and all these characters running committees. you have to make it a really stark choice, even if you're being somewhat more clever and moderate and advancing some of your own positions. >> of course, they control all the chambers of the white house. they should expand the
8:36 pm
rebalance to corporate in a way known joe manchin or even joe biden. david, quick question to you, joe biden called up tonight, what should i be doing to ensure democrats keep hold of the house and senate in november, what should i be doing that i am not doing right now, when would you say to him? >> the biggest thing is not a speech media or talking point. it's the pandemic turning endemic. so that's going to be the big atmosphere of change, and a lot of good will come out of that, the economy will i think get stronger. that's the big thing. but i think, you know, prosecute the rest of the pandemic well, make sure that the infrastructure package is executed well. make sure the elements of build back better happen. and report back to bill's point. joe biden and the senate, you, know you have to report back to the voters who work so hard, the 19 year olds who voted, someone who was 31 never voted before, and say, your vote was worth, it let me tell you why. because turnouts not the entire story. if you lose the moderates, you're probably gonna lose the election. but you have to have turnouts.
8:37 pm
so i think bind out played a big role saying, you start for me, i stand up for you. but the big thing politically is not a tweet to a piece of legislation. it's people -- you know, listen, the wrong track in this country is -- the right track is in the 20s right now. that's not going to lift into the 30s, 40s, or 50s until people say, we are finally on the side of the pandemic. so i think joe biden can lead us, not prematurely. but i think it's important to play a leadership role. >> certainly not prematurely. but it's very much state of mind issue as well. david plouffe, and bill crystal, sadly, we are out of time. but thank you for analysis. coming up, a stunning example of how quickly covid misinformation can be politicized and racialized. we will talk to doctor or run red letter of how officials can correct the full record when the 11th hour come back. don't go away. when when the 11th hour preservision.
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lifesaving therapeutic space to our race, discriminating against, and denigrating, just denigrating white people to determine who lives and who dies. if you are white, you don't get the vaccine, or if you're white, you don't get therapeutics. >> if you're wondering how an offensive, false, and racist claim like that ends the rally speech, the star back in november. claiming that a white person was being denied monoclonal antibody treatment. >> if you're black and hispanic, then i qualify? i would be denied the -- i'm being denied medical service because of my race? >> that's the criteria. that's the criteria. if you are 65, you'd be good.
8:42 pm
healthy and no medical concessions so research shows that you can fight off covid. >> eventually people like tucker conson picked up the story but he left out the part why the many reasons the treatment was denied. there was also this for columnist of the new york post who said, new york state department of health warns that they don't have enough treatment and white people cannot apply. that was false, it cites race or ethnicity as -- limited supply of covid treatments. and here is why race is considered as the associated press knows, quote, the cdc found late last year that black, hispanic, and indigenous people were about twice as likely to die from covid-19 than non hispanic whites, and were notably more likely to be hospitalized. but don't let facts get in the way off a good alex jones, took it, trump's.
8:43 pm
mayor let's bring in -- he's also a professor of pediatrics at albert and stein college of medicine. doctor redlener, thank you for joining us tonight. doctors aren't being told to give preference to black people over white people when it comes to covid vaccines or treatments, are they? that's racist nonsense, is it not? >> yes. that's totally -- this is something that's been part of the trump cult to massively politicize this entire pandemic. it's great disgraceful. the fact of the matter is, doctors are making decisions based on who's at most risk of dying. that's what we're supposed to do. so if a seven year old with covid and a healthy 40-year-old with covid came in and there's limited amounts of treatment, preference is gonna go first of course to the one who is that most at risk, which is the older person. and the case of non whites in
8:44 pm
america, as blacks, hispanics, people who are of color, those people have a higher rate of dying from the disease. so that's where the preference goes. under no circumstances where anyone in the right mind, then again we're talking about trump, but no one in his right mind would suggest that anybody would even think about causing a situation where whites are not getting the treatment that they needed when they needed. it's just preposterous. >> the key words there, no one in the right mind, we are talking about donald trump. on the subject of -- >> i just have something to talk about -- >> on the subject of vaccine. let's talk about vaccines more broadly, the israeli government just recommended making a fourth vaccine of the covid vaccine available to people aged 18 and over. it's hard to get americans here to take their first shot, do
8:45 pm
you think people are gonna be up for a fourth shot? >> i think it's going to be a tough road here, this will not be an easy sell. i think the fact is the reason why israelis are doing it is because the fourth dose really helps prevent bat outcomes from getting the omicron version of covid. it would be ideal and i think it's just going to be a tough sell for the administration. but i think we need to try to do whatever is going to keep people safe. but the fda and the cdc, the swells of white house health advisers, are gonna have to prove that we will be adopting a recommending adoption of what they're doing is real. it's not yet happened in the u.s.. >> it's not yet happened, people are already complaining. everybody generally understood the complain. if it's good for me, i'll take the fourth. no one is asking me to -- it's not the greatest of sacrifices to get a job once in a while. we did it as kids all the time.
8:46 pm
we do it with the flu shot. anyways, let's talk about peoples moods and attitudes. people are frustrated, they are fatigued. listen to what doctor fauci said this morning. >> but i think we're gonna be able to see is not an eradication or an elimination but a level of control that's low enough that it really gets integrated into the regular type of viral infections that we tend to deal with. but not at the level we are right now. because we still have 150,000 hospitalizations, 2000 deaths, and about 700,000 infections. that's too high level to accept to be living with. >> what is the right level, doctor red liner? because a lot of people keep saying, well i'm done with covid as if covid has feelings or gives a damn. >> right, and you might be done with covid, but unfortunately covid is not done with us. this is a problem now --
8:47 pm
as soon as we get a little bit of dip in the cases, which we are getting even though some parts of the country, we're not even peaked yet with the omicron. the problem is, we don't know where this is going and i'm a little frustrated with a lot of happy talk that even some of my colleagues are engaging in. we don't know what's happening and i really feel uncomfortable about people making predictions about we might be over with this. i hope we are, but we're not going to be, not certainly not in short term. and i think the important thing to do is, yes, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. that's how we's handle situations like this which are -- by the way, as long as we have so many people unvaccinated around the world, it is not possible to imagine a near future where we are not going to be producing mutations and variants and other parts of the world that are unvaccinated that could almost immediately get to our shores.
8:48 pm
so we still have a lot of work to go before we are able to declare victory over the covid pandemic. >> i'm not sure how anyone could argue with a straight face that they are over the pandemic, and that the pandemic is over. and they see a return to normal life. but also not advocating for and vaccinating the entire world. because there's no end to the pandemic if there's a global pandemic. it will be madness. doctor red liner, we will have to leave it there. thank you for your time as ever, i appreciated. >> sure. >> coming up, the british prime minister seems to be on the brink of his own personal brexit. we will explain when the 11th hour continues. will explain when the qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. hour continues
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8:52 pm
from more dramatic developments in the scandal now known as party gates in the uk. the british police are now investigating parties that embattled boris johnson attended during lockdown, possibly in violation of the law. a report from cnn international correspondent, casements, in london. >> tonight's, british prime minister's inner circle, an investigation at -- i >> i welcome them to conduct an investigation. >> back in 2020, british police were writing gatherings around the country. but in a recently released photo from back then, the prime minister is seen outdoors drinking wine with colleagues, his wife, and apparently their newborn son. governments officials say that was a work party.
8:53 pm
and the prime minister defending another moment he said was also for work. >> he said, this was something that was against the rules. >> at the time, this was his message to the public. >> i owed everyone to everyone to show restraint and respect the rules which are designed to keep us all safe. >> but in never lynch of a accusations now include a birthday party, a christmas party, and even a party the night before prince philip's funeral. the prime minister apologizing to the queen allow bowing his head. >> i deeply am bitterly required that that happened. >> authorities are now removing covid restrictions here. ending vaccine and mask mandates, but the accusations of hypocrisy have put the prime minister's job on the line. tonight, the prime minister's still insisting some of the alleged parties didn't happen. meanwhile, police now accused a turning of blind eye to what was going on behind this famous door. >> our thanks to kier simmons
8:54 pm
in london. coming up, a refresher course in presidential mental fitness for a freshman gop congressman from texas. that's when the 11th hour continues. texas that's when the 11th hou continues.
8:55 pm
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8:58 pm
incredible jeans, excellent overall health and dubbed trump fit for do the. he now weighs in on president biden's harsh words for fox news correspondent peter doocy yesterday. >> that was completely unprofessional, it's embarrassing. and i've seen this multiple times with people up the presidents age that are starting to have cognitive issues. they get short tempered, they get irritable, they strike, out it's a defense mechanism to some extent when they don't know exactly how to answer questions or what's going on around them. he's got a cognitive issues, he is not fit to be our head of state or commander of chief. >> now, i don't know about you, but joe biden has not who i pictured when i heard that description. >> they get short tempered. >> that's enough, put down the mic. >> you are rude terrible person. >> they get irritable. >> i don't want mosquitoes around me. i don't like mosquitoes! >> they strike out as a defense mechanism to some extent when they don't know how to answer questions. >> what is stupid question that
8:59 pm
is. what is stupid question. but i want to a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> he has cognitive issues. he is not fit to be our head of state or our commander-in-chief. >> you have to see this guy, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> but wait, didn't trump pass that very difficult cognitive assessment? >> a memory question, it's, like you'll go person, woman, man, camera, tv. ten minutes, 20 minutes later, they'll say, do you remember the first question, not the first, but the tenth. can you do that again? and you go person, woman, man camera, tv. they say, that's amazing. how did you do that? i do it because i have like a good memory. because i am cognitively there. >> person, woman, man, camera, tv, how could we ever forget? before we go tonight, a quick
9:00 pm
programming note. tomorrow night, i will be joined by democratic congresswoman alexandra or kasia cortez. with our thanks for being with us, on behalf of all my colleagues at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. t the networks o >> happy to have you here. this is the splash headline at the front page of right now. as federal prosecutors looking at fake elector certificates. alas, we have confirmation of what might be coming on here. as you know, we've been following pretty closely, the new revelations and reporting into republicans in multiple states after the last election, creating these fake documents. these forgeries. in which they asserted that they were the electors from their states. even though they really weren't.


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